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We are also committed to the success of business, social responsibility, environmental protection and public welfare undertakings. The company has been a member of Alxa Public Protection Organization for many years.At the same time, we have made positive contributions to Wenchuan Earthquake and this year's COVID-19 epidemic


Check the monitor Discussed personally
Classification: Recruitment
  • Jiangsu province | suzhou | city|| ||
  • 3-5 years
  • Senior high school
  • Full time
  • 1
Description of position:

Five social insurance and one housing fund   |  Staff travel   |  Year-end bonus   |  Regular check-up

Position information
1. Responsible for assisting the inspection, recording and storage of incoming materials, outsourcing, finished products and shipments;
2. Responsible for tracing and labeling of non-conforming products;
3. Responsible for assisting the inspection and testing of new products and samples submitted for inspection, and submitting the corresponding inspection report;
4. Responsible for the containment of new products, customer complaints about defective products, products with key characteristics;
5. Responsible for the collection, statistics, analysis and management of engineering data;

1. Have experience of inspection monitor in mechanical industry;
2. College degree or above, can use various testing tools, can read drawings.

Work address: Xiangcheng District Huangdai Town Dongqiao Changping Road No. 83
Company Address: No. 83, Changping Road, Dongqiao, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, inside Zhongzhi Science and Technology Park (Central North Line goes straight to the west, and turn right at the second intersection after the exit of Changping Road, 312 National Road, about 300 meters)
Bus: No. 34 Changping Road, Jumin Road, get off and go south for 200 meters or so. No. 851/79, get off at Dongqiao Town and walk for about 20 minutes






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